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Massages and Rituals

Book a massage of at least 50 minutes, entrance to the SPA is offered!


Book a massage of at least 50 minutes, entrance to the SPA is offered!
For information and reservations: 0541.600147.

  • Relaxing approx 50 mins.
    lt affords a deep feeling of mind-body wellbeing, stabilising your mood, nerves, and blood and lymphatic circulation. 


  • Anti-stress approx 50 mins.
    lt dissolves stress, muscle tension, and joint blockages, affording a pleasant feeling of relaxation and fiexibility. 


  • Balancing with citrus fruit approx 50 mins.
    A combination of massage techniques to treat the whole body with special care for the reflex areas of the feet, hands, and face. lt affords relaxation, calmness, and a deep renewed contact with your inner self, melting muscle and mental tension.


  • Candle massage approx 60 mins.
    A special candle that releases a scented blend of vegetable oils as it melts is combined with a delicate massage that affords a magical time of relaxation and deep moisturizing.  


  • Draining approx 50 mins
    lt affords swollen legs a feeling of lightness, bringing fresh oxygen to the body, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and helping to expel the toxins that cause swelling and orange peel. . 


  • Toning anti-cellulite approx 50 mins
    lt revitalises the nervous system, blood circulation, and muscle tissue. lt tones the skin making it healthier and smoother. lt is ideai to reduce fatigue, to tone up, and to gain a healthy feeling. 


  • Ayurvedic approx 60 mins.
    This lndian massage detoxifies the body, promoting the flow of energy and balancing the chakras. Tension and fatigue give way to a pleasant feeling of vitality.


  • Hot stone approx 60 mins.
    Hot lava stones are employed to release muscle tension and to promote the proper flow of blood and energy in the whole body. lt is detoxifying, reduces muscle tension, and has a calming effect on the mind.


  • Shiatsu approx 60 mins.
    This ancient Japanese technique favours the proper flow of energy throughout the body. lt is carried out on a futon on the fioor. lt consists in applying pressure with the thumbs and the palms of the hands, and in stretching and rotating the limbs to remove stiffness and allow for a more centred posture and a pleasant state of relaxation. .


  • Foot reflexology approx 25 mins.
    This is an ancient way to evaluate and balance the body's energy. A pleasant and accurate massage of the feet stimulates specific reflexology points that help to balance the functions of the body and mind while affording a deep feeling of wellbeing.


  • Children massage (from 3 to 12 years old) approx 30 mins 
    Technique dedicated to children that gives on cuddly massage with chocolate or vanilla,
    and at the end a tasty snack with sweet surprise.


  • Pregnancy massage approx 50 mins
    Ritual dedicated to the psycophysical welfare of future mother. Massage recommended to women that during the pregnancy want improve the circulation and keep elastic skin.


  • Short massage approx 20 mins.
    Holistic total body massage for an extreme relax.


  • Partial massage approx 25 mins.
    Massage for legs or back that ease muscle tensions and it has an winding-down action gives you energy.


Pampering and refaxation for couples
For a pleasant experience of wellbeing and relaxation together.
Massages, rituals, and treatments that are particularly suitable for a romantic and intimate interlude with your partner; a regenerating break with a friend, or a pleasant afternoon for mothers and daughters ...


    • Relaxing massage approx 50 mins.


    •  Candle massage approx 60 mins.




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For information and reservations: 0541.600147.


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Book a treatment of at least 50 minutes, entrance to the SPA is offered!

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For information and reservations contact the number 0541.600147
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